Boundaries, What are They Good For

Whoa … 🤬

Ever had a moment where you get really freaking pissed, beyond aggravated and feel super aggressive and all you can do is leave the situation?

🤲🏼 Then, all of a sudden, in the quiet, it hits you like a ton of bricks. You realize something about yourself you have always known, but up to this moment you had no comprehension of how intensely you guarded that part of you? 🤔

👉🏼 Well, whaddya know? I have some new found #Boundaries 😏

NOPE! OUT! 🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️🚶🏼‍♀️✌🏼✌🏼
Peace MoFro!

💥 Some of us need so much self realization 🌟, self reflection 🌟, and hard hitters 💥 to bounce us out of our comfort zone. When it finally plays out in our heads that we’ve simply been tolerating behavior we’re not okay with; it is emotionally overwhelming. It can bring us to such a place of hardcore reality and humility that we can’t even express how much we’re fighting.

Damn, #TRIGGERED 😮😐😑😶

But #Winning!! Because this time! I acted, instead of reacted! Thank you Lord for how far I’ve come. ✝️

🔥 And in that moment, the place you’ve been, and the place you are, reveal the place you’re going! 💪🏼

Be Blessed! Hope is where the Heart is!



Depression is Death to Flesh | a Plea for Revival

I’m in sinking sand… Depression has set in. This battle has proven too much for me. I have lost hope, all sense of reality, all I can see is the darkness, doubt and fear. I haven’t stopped crying in over 72 hours. I’m either working or sobbing. I pull the car over numerous times a day because I start hyperventilating and weeping uncontrollably. I’m so tired.

I’m not really sure what else to do about it either. I’ve been waiting for so long. Walked thru a lying ex who stabbed me in the back over and over. Lying friends who betrayed my confidence and trust. Loss of my music career due to a spinal injury. Loss of my dog and empty nested… Menopause. And now I’m in financial turmoil. Over a period of about 4 years, my life has turned into a nightmare. I’m at a loss period. And now I’m moving into a slum that is by far the most disgusting, worn down, mold and roach ridden places I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’m trying so hard to be GRATEFUL.

But I’m failing. Failing at a grateful heart. Failing to be loving to those who have wronged me. Failing to believe that God has a better plan for me as my life worsens by the day. Failing to understand the purpose of all this pain. Failing to have hope. Failing to keep a stiff upper lip. I’m just failing at everything. I’m falling to pieces. I’ve never been so low. I’ve been dumped, stomped on, forgotten, thrown away too many times and I just don’t care to try anymore.

But then Jesus said, I love you. I will heal  you. I will restore you. I will give you understanding. I will give you peace. I will give you hope. I will give you Mercy. I will give you Strength and Grace and Power! I will give you me.

So, I sit here at 2:30am, balling in my pillow, shopping for roach killer and rubber gloves to prepare my new place to move in, and I ponder God’s Love and wonder why he’s investing in this old, worn out shell of a once vibrant woman… And He says, because it’s not about you, it’s about me.

I’m trying to give up. I’m trying to let go. And the moment I stop sobbing all the time I will know that I don’t care anymore and I have truly given up. We must come to the end of ourselves before God can restore Himself in us. We must be broken all the way to have a clean slate. We must not seek this life, only His Life. Not our ways, but His ways. We must be willing to lose everything for the sake of Him. I have lost so much, but I have gained so much more. But in my moment of weaknesses as I sob out of discomfort, selfishness and sadness, I realize I’m still mourning what I want. I must become comfortable with Loss. I must be okay with being shunned. I must become grateful for roaches and filth if I am ever to grow, learn and transform.

As I reflect to search for a last shine of hope, I know these things. I lost a husband, I gained my freedom from domestic abuse. I lost a lover, but gained my relationship with my family back. I lost friends, and gained life lessons and wisdom. I lost hope and found salvation. I lost sight and gained healing. I lost myself and found Jesus. The only link left in all this world to real Life is He who is Greater in me than in the world.

So again, I repent to you Lord, I am a failure. I can’t seem to get anything right. But that wasn’t the point was it? I can’t, but you can. I will never truly live until I stop living and you Live thru me. So I surrender my all and all. I simply seek shelter in your arms, under your wing, and on your breast will I rest. I have been broken by this battle and cannot find a way to go on, so I will give up all together. I obviously cannot win, but you can. I leave it to you Lord. I bring you my shattered, torn and suffering self. I bring you my confusion, my pain, my uttering bellows of hopelessness. I fought, but not the good fight, because I failed my Faith too.

So Here I am Lord, empty and forsaken. A piece of chewed up and regurgitated meat left by the ways of this world to die. I must be a putrid smell to your nostril! The sight of me must score your eye with anger. But I plea open armed! Do not forsake me! Please Father! Annoint my Head with Oil! Call me your own! Take me in and shelter me from this storm! Rise up against my enemy and plague the ones who have scarred your child. I was to be your bride and I am weathered and lost. My smile has faded and my heart’s discontent sours the flavor of our Love.

I am bitter like a rotten seed that sat in the moisture of her tears too long. I have lost my resilience, my stamina and my yeast is dead. I will not rise anymore for I have lost my zeal and glimmer. My dreams are gone and my vigor distinguished like a flame in the rain. The wick has long been out and cut short by the flailing winds of the storm. But still I bring you my lamp.

Fill me once more that I may burn for you in the night. May I see hope where there is death. May I see life where there is destruction. May I hear your voice where there is scoffing, anger and hatred. May I see you where I see me. Break me into the soil so that I may become a bed in which you can plant goodness and joy forevermore, Amen.

Psalms 34:8

8. Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

The Big Move

There are only 36 Days left until Me and the ScoutMaster head out from California to Tennessee!

We started our plans to move to Tennessee over 2 1/2 years ago. So these last few days have been very much anticipated! This was a journey that has brought me so much! Including patience, endurance and wisdom. There have been some very emotional closures as well as some heartbreaking losses along with quite a few Miracles and Immense Blessings! And even though it has been an emotional roller coaster, I wouldn’t change a thing.

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Maybe, Just Maybe… It’s about something more…

Something nice I noticed this year as we approach the Thanksgiving Holiday….


It took an extremely hard year of strife, fear, doubt, violence, heartache and loss for us to figure out how to get on with life in a better way!

We aren’t talking about shopping or what deals we’re getting. We are not exchanging early gifts or talking of lights. We’re acting as one to remind ourselves and each other that the small things count… The little things matter and they are the only things that matter in the bigger scope of the harsh reality we call life.

Whether it be I’ve finally programmed my algorithm to see cheer and love… Or whether it be something greater like Peace amongst the people… I am grateful for it. For nothing is greater than these small things.

God, Family and Country living in Peace and Harmony. A production of God’s Love for us being shared between us, for us and by us.

Thankful for striving, because it presents the real opportunity to learn what truly counts.

God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

The CDC and FDA Disclosures on the Mask | You See it Everyday

If you’re listening to the scientist … And the scientist mandate what is put on the box legally to protect consumers.

Ummmm….. Which report are you listening to?

LOL 😂🤣🤯😲😆😅😭😋😜🤪

SERIOUSLY? Wakey Wakey! Brains Get Breaky’d

So. If the Medical ones don’t work – Explain again how a T-shirt sewn to look like one of these works? Hahaha

Triggered yet?

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