The CDC and FDA Disclosures on the Mask | You See it Everyday

If you’re listening to the scientist … And the scientist mandate what is put on the box legally to protect consumers.

Ummmm….. Which report are you listening to?

LOL ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฏ๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿคช

SERIOUSLY? Wakey Wakey! Brains Get Breaky’d

So. If the Medical ones don’t work – Explain again how a T-shirt sewn to look like one of these works? Hahaha

Triggered yet?

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A Few Small Coincidences are Hard to Ignore

That moment when you…

Now just wait one darn minute… ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿง๐Ÿ˜ฒ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿคฏ

An interesting coincidence

Remdesivir is made by Gilead
And is the cure for COVID
And China holds the patent through an agreement with Gilead through their drug patent sharing subsidiary branch UNITAID who has an office near Wuhan.

The Investors of that organization is none other than Soros, the Gates and the WHO org.

But sure.. maybe it’s all a co-winky-dinks.

But I do find it even stranger that these two organizations were financial supporters of Hillary’s campaign.

And one more coincidence is Fauci was the organizer and authorizing party for sending millions to Wuhan for Coronavirus testing and research.

Funny co-winky-dinks – Don’t you think?


The Original Meme that was Removed for going against Community Standards is Here.

With 56 Years Left to the Finish Line, Will We Choose Freedom or Death?

With the Middle Day of 2020 Approaching… We attempt to evaluate our causes, gains and losses to seek reproof before the end of this year comes.

The hopes that the “Roaring 20’s” of this century would bring life, love and happiness are fading. And in place of those hopes we have experienced dread, fear, economic death and the mourning of loved ones.

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Is Jading the Innocent to Protect the Innocent Working Yet?

I just bought my first gun a few weeks ago. In the midst of all the craziness happening during the COVID-19 situation, I thought it best if I spent a few more hours working on my target practice. The idea was if they bring the violence to me, I can protect myself as well as my home… But honestly, I didn’t truly feel a threat of that happening. I wasn’t really worried, until the last month of the second quarter in 2020.

On June 1st, 2020, the George Floyd Riots had peaked to a criminal state. The racial war came in blazing like a raging bull after COVID-19 did not meet the agenda of the Democratic Socialistic Party. It was looking all too well for TRUMP2020 and even his Twitter rhetoric couldn’t stop the inevitable. He was on his way to serving another four year term… But, It was all about to change. I had purchased a gun just the week before; but I never thought I would have had to use it.

Late last night my roommates and I were locking and loading all the guns in the house. We were making a plan of how we would alarm one another if one of us woke to a trespasser. We discussed our angst, the rumors we had heard, read the latest news we could find on our city’s current situation, and then said a prayer together before turning in. We were getting ready to face the threats of rioters who had sent threats that businesses as well as residents needed to be punished for the death of George Floyd. Our little town Auburn, CA was under the threat of siege and I wasn’t ready for this at all.

We are damn near close to a civil war where military is shooting civilians in their residential doorways as they watch in horror as their mini neighborhoods are taken over by uniformed screaming agents and massive military trucks. Children are being maced, police are fighting unfairly for their lives and citizens are stealing what’s not theirs and violently attacking bystanders.

America is being laid victim by it’s own uneducated people and domestic terrorists. She is bleeding from her heart and has lost her way. People have forgotten the power of peaceful protest. Police have forgotten they are to serve and protect. Politicians have forgotten they are public servants. There is so much madness that I fear it will boil into a rage this country hasn’t seen since it’s original establishment.

But, in order to find peace, we must make war, right? In order to make ourselves known to live we must kill, right? In order to win the battle, we must obliterate the opponent and anyone who hasn’t chosen a side, right? In order to make a stand, we must bring everyone else to their death, right? Are these the questions our children are facing? Are these the ways we are teaching them?

When everyone’s out for blood… Everyone ends up dead. There has to be a line that’s not crossed for the sake of humanity. Their has to be a place where we build instead of destroy for our children. Where is the Hope when the agenda is to simply demolish? What will we tell our grandchildren when they have no future left?

How is it that we are considered a sovereign nation when the battle between our government’s political parties are killing the people, innocent men and women in our streets?

At what point has the governing body been lost? At what point are we so divided that we must be governed by a third party lest the children die? Where is the conclusion?

I will stand up and fight for my home. I will protect myself from physical and emotional trauma on my own property, so God save any man who thinks of walking onto it. But what I fear is the point when that home becomes country soil. How far will I, as a modern day citizen, have to take my defensive measures? In the yards of my neighbors? In the streets of my town? In the capitols of my state? Or do I simply protect the ground I stand and breathe on, instead of everyone else’s.

What kind of message are we really sending? Who are we trying to impose our thoughts to? How is killing Innocents encouraging the protection of innocents? You scream in anger and hatred, “Protect the unarmed and innocent people!” While you kill, pillage and rape an innocent of his or her livelihood? Who are you screaming at? Who has heard your message? Have you? What does the innocent have to say for that treatment?

Slay the innocents and drive home the message of truth that no matter what your parties agenda, only the fighters will win another day.

I will stay locked and loaded, I will also only stand my ground. The ground I worked for and earned a right to. The house I toiled for with my freedom and right to earn a living, chase my dreams and live a substantially good life.

I have lived a good life on this soil, but not without the sake of others who fought for my freedom and rights. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and live in Peace because we can. The fight now, is to fight to continue to do so… I wonder if another fight of violence will win the war this time. It’s never brought an end to itself before. Why would it now?

The Race as a Whole is Blocking Out the Sun

I’m so incredibly saddened over everything we have come to as a society in the past 6 months. We, as a society are only proving we can’t make out emotions, thoughts and actions. Our barbaric behaviors still leave us acting like we don’t know any better. Where has our education brought us? Where has our psychological science given us?

We are all one race, HUMAN. But we insist on dividing ourselves for individualism based on all the things of this world instead of the things that lie in our hearts. Its no wonder we had to be separated from God! We can not find a way to behold this world of beauty without resorting to an anger that fears and destroys it. We as a whole people on earth are a poison, a vicious snake, crawling on our bellies, writhing to kill, slay and conquer.

In this state of being, we only process that it is truly only one for all: because if one psychotic man’s actions can cause all men to be psychotic, we have not ventured wholly into our knowledge of behavioral health and safety assurance for all mankind.

We follow like pigs to the slaughter. Grazing on the blood that fell before us while leaving a trail of hatred and waste behind us for our children to inherit and digest, only to produce the same bond with their children. Mankind is truly showing to be a disgusting and disposable creature who cannot offer more to earth than fault, obliteration and hatred.

I pray the animals and nature come to swallow us up and clean their lands of us. I pray our God wipes out the face of mankind from earth with his Almighty hand in earthquakes, fires and storms. I pray we are scrubbed out for the causing of hatred to seep into the Earth’s crust through the lost man’s blood. I pray He wipe out the sun and fill the land with swarms of creatures to slowly eat at the rotting flesh bags we walk in.

For we do not deserve mercy or grace. We do not deserve hope and safety. We deserve the wrath of God. For when one is unholy, we follow with equal destruction to judge the wicked with evilness in our hearts.

We cannot be counted as individuals if this is the product of the human race. It must all be smitten from the earth so that God can renew the day He walked here and bring forth a race worthy of love and devotion.

If we are to judge one man by hundreds of thousands acting in the same violent way; Then what better is our race to be compared to than that of the one man?