Is Jading the Innocent to Protect the Innocent Working Yet?

I just bought my first gun a few weeks ago. In the midst of all the craziness happening during the COVID-19 situation, I thought it best if I spent a few more hours working on my target practice. The idea was if they bring the violence to me, I can protect myself as well as my home… But honestly, I didn’t truly feel a threat of that happening. I wasn’t really worried, until the last month of the second quarter in 2020.

On June 1st, 2020, the George Floyd Riots had peaked to a criminal state. The racial war came in blazing like a raging bull after COVID-19 did not meet the agenda of the Democratic Socialistic Party. It was looking all too well for TRUMP2020 and even his Twitter rhetoric couldn’t stop the inevitable. He was on his way to serving another four year term… But, It was all about to change. I had purchased a gun just the week before; but I never thought I would have had to use it.

Late last night my roommates and I were locking and loading all the guns in the house. We were making a plan of how we would alarm one another if one of us woke to a trespasser. We discussed our angst, the rumors we had heard, read the latest news we could find on our city’s current situation, and then said a prayer together before turning in. We were getting ready to face the threats of rioters who had sent threats that businesses as well as residents needed to be punished for the death of George Floyd. Our little town Auburn, CA was under the threat of siege and I wasn’t ready for this at all.

We are damn near close to a civil war where military is shooting civilians in their residential doorways as they watch in horror as their mini neighborhoods are taken over by uniformed screaming agents and massive military trucks. Children are being maced, police are fighting unfairly for their lives and citizens are stealing what’s not theirs and violently attacking bystanders.

America is being laid victim by it’s own uneducated people and domestic terrorists. She is bleeding from her heart and has lost her way. People have forgotten the power of peaceful protest. Police have forgotten they are to serve and protect. Politicians have forgotten they are public servants. There is so much madness that I fear it will boil into a rage this country hasn’t seen since it’s original establishment.

But, in order to find peace, we must make war, right? In order to make ourselves known to live we must kill, right? In order to win the battle, we must obliterate the opponent and anyone who hasn’t chosen a side, right? In order to make a stand, we must bring everyone else to their death, right? Are these the questions our children are facing? Are these the ways we are teaching them?

When everyone’s out for blood… Everyone ends up dead. There has to be a line that’s not crossed for the sake of humanity. Their has to be a place where we build instead of destroy for our children. Where is the Hope when the agenda is to simply demolish? What will we tell our grandchildren when they have no future left?

How is it that we are considered a sovereign nation when the battle between our government’s political parties are killing the people, innocent men and women in our streets?

At what point has the governing body been lost? At what point are we so divided that we must be governed by a third party lest the children die? Where is the conclusion?

I will stand up and fight for my home. I will protect myself from physical and emotional trauma on my own property, so God save any man who thinks of walking onto it. But what I fear is the point when that home becomes country soil. How far will I, as a modern day citizen, have to take my defensive measures? In the yards of my neighbors? In the streets of my town? In the capitols of my state? Or do I simply protect the ground I stand and breathe on, instead of everyone else’s.

What kind of message are we really sending? Who are we trying to impose our thoughts to? How is killing Innocents encouraging the protection of innocents? You scream in anger and hatred, “Protect the unarmed and innocent people!” While you kill, pillage and rape an innocent of his or her livelihood? Who are you screaming at? Who has heard your message? Have you? What does the innocent have to say for that treatment?

Slay the innocents and drive home the message of truth that no matter what your parties agenda, only the fighters will win another day.

I will stay locked and loaded, I will also only stand my ground. The ground I worked for and earned a right to. The house I toiled for with my freedom and right to earn a living, chase my dreams and live a substantially good life.

I have lived a good life on this soil, but not without the sake of others who fought for my freedom and rights. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and live in Peace because we can. The fight now, is to fight to continue to do so… I wonder if another fight of violence will win the war this time. It’s never brought an end to itself before. Why would it now?

The Race as a Whole is Blocking Out the Sun

I’m so incredibly saddened over everything we have come to as a society in the past 6 months. We, as a society are only proving we can’t make out emotions, thoughts and actions. Our barbaric behaviors still leave us acting like we don’t know any better. Where has our education brought us? Where has our psychological science given us?

We are all one race, HUMAN. But we insist on dividing ourselves for individualism based on all the things of this world instead of the things that lie in our hearts. Its no wonder we had to be separated from God! We can not find a way to behold this world of beauty without resorting to an anger that fears and destroys it. We as a whole people on earth are a poison, a vicious snake, crawling on our bellies, writhing to kill, slay and conquer.

In this state of being, we only process that it is truly only one for all: because if one psychotic man’s actions can cause all men to be psychotic, we have not ventured wholly into our knowledge of behavioral health and safety assurance for all mankind.

We follow like pigs to the slaughter. Grazing on the blood that fell before us while leaving a trail of hatred and waste behind us for our children to inherit and digest, only to produce the same bond with their children. Mankind is truly showing to be a disgusting and disposable creature who cannot offer more to earth than fault, obliteration and hatred.

I pray the animals and nature come to swallow us up and clean their lands of us. I pray our God wipes out the face of mankind from earth with his Almighty hand in earthquakes, fires and storms. I pray we are scrubbed out for the causing of hatred to seep into the Earth’s crust through the lost man’s blood. I pray He wipe out the sun and fill the land with swarms of creatures to slowly eat at the rotting flesh bags we walk in.

For we do not deserve mercy or grace. We do not deserve hope and safety. We deserve the wrath of God. For when one is unholy, we follow with equal destruction to judge the wicked with evilness in our hearts.

We cannot be counted as individuals if this is the product of the human race. It must all be smitten from the earth so that God can renew the day He walked here and bring forth a race worthy of love and devotion.

If we are to judge one man by hundreds of thousands acting in the same violent way; Then what better is our race to be compared to than that of the one man?

Is it a Dream, or Should I Listen to the Message?

The mud was horrible. Nothing like we had seen before in the recent years. It had come on so quickly this time. We were living in a strange “L” shaped building, two story. Almost designed like a motel building, but it was our house and our business.

The mud had overtaken our parking lot and a whole bunch of vehicles too. It was deep in some parts where it had started to dry in it’s flow. The huge tractor like trucks we owned were lost too, they were covered by it. You could see their yellow metal arms buried in the red muck. it was like their strength at been stolen from them. There was some much loss this time, so much sadness.The mud was like the mixture of very wet cement mix, but red like clay. It was tacky and wet, clinging to everything. Molding to your shoes collecting more of itself with every step you took till your feet were heavy red bricks sloshing about.

You, hastily put me in the car. We were trying to get away. Something was coming and if they caught us, it would mean the end of our lives. You drove the car going back and forth, working tracks into the wet clay as it caged the car in the muddy prison. Somehow, we managed to get up a burm of mud at the end of the parking lot. if we could just turn the wheels fast enough, we might be able to get out!Just then, one side of the car started to sink and suddenly the car slides and rolls, injuring me between the roof of the car and my seat. Thank goodness the car was an old boat, the kind that hold their frame. Not like those new cars that crush like cans.You pulled me out and told me I was fine. All the pain I was feeling in my body felt so real though. My head had been damaged and I had broken a rib or two… On my right side there was horrible pain all the way down and into my hip.You hustled me upstairs, we were talking to someone, telling them what happened. Someone I was supposed to know, but now they were only shadows. They looked at me and said “you’re fine” jokingly. You kept going on, saying she’s just being silly and you kept reaching out and poking me where my ribs were broken.Just then you said “let’s go, their coming” and pushed me from behind towards the staircase to go down to the parking lot again. As I was limping my way down the long outdoor balcony, you poked me again and started laughing and teasing me. I collapsed in pain, writhing on my knees, trying to stand up. You started making weird gobbly noises through your cupped hands as you pressed them onto the top of my head. I was gasping for breath, still stranded on my knees. I kept saying, “I think I’m hurt! Please stop! Just go away and leave me alone! Please!”.I kept thinking, I just want out!…. and then I woke up. 😔I must be feeling stuck in my life. Strange dream. Woke up feeling like I was suffocating.

Industry Craves Human Solutions

I absolutely agree with the rising opinion that marketing done by the “Scientific Approach” alone could be construed as back door cold calling; and to most, considered insulting.

Recently, I came across an email shared by the President of a Local Corporation. The email was sent to reach a decision maker and in it’s delivery had reached its mark. It was poised to give the recipient, (or the decision maker), the impression that the sender knew them personally and had something to tell them. Sealed with nothing more than strategy closing remarks; it attempted to pinpoint probable pain points with a desire resulting in an in-person meeting. The remarks led to positioning the recipient in a fear factor and the sender in their perceived saving grace. Ultimately it did nothing more than leave the recipient feeling violated and insulted. If all we are hoping for is a human, in-person moment, shouldn’t our approaches be more personable?


The tried and true Scientific Approach is to do your research so as not to approach uneducated and then, with sincerity, present a true relative problem in the community, or industry, (or pain point), and ask them to take a moment to review some possible solutions. This is when we have taken the scientific approach and applied it perfectly. The balance in the life of a salesman is to include the Human Approach. It is to never forget the person you are talking to is a HUMAN. They have human feelings, emotions, and are just like you in many ways. And that is the Human Approach that EVERY Industry Official is craving and why we are seeing more blogs and posts about how offended people become after they are the recipient of the “Scientific Approach” email. Most Decision Makers spend most of their time reviewing “logical” information. If you throw them into a deep emotional anxiety state, they will hate you, if you throw them into a deep emotional happy state, they might love you.

“you need me more
than I need you”

Figure this, the scientific approach, when applied correctly, should meet a present need or present a community need or a “relative need” in their industry; not assume they have a need. The approach should also state the direction of your solution clearly instead of convoluted statements of solution impressions. The problem is that the senders are getting lazy and insensitive in thinking that if they simply employ the Scientific Approach, it will replace the Human Approach instead of complimenting the process. For many years, sales tactics taught us that introducing ourselves as an asset to the community with over inflated cause and effect fear factors would educate the recipient of their need for us and our knowledge. They taught us that portraying the “You need me more than I need you” attitude puts our targets in the mindset of needing us to survive. They also believed that nonsensical, lyrical statements to fetch a probable pain point out of air was the only way to immediately gain respect and rapport. When in fact, the sender of this maddening approach only accomplishes two things in the recipient; they instill fear and shut down. In order to employ one’s problem-solving skills, you must be anxiety free. Fear and shut down is in actuality the true state of anxiety. Now, who can make a decision while having an anxiety attack?

What happens when you start advice with, “ya know what you need…”. Most people will shut down or assume you are being boisterous or gloating. In my opinion, that is no way to win someone’s sympathy. My personal approach has always been a bit more methodical.


I enjoy becoming a consumer of the product or service, inserting myself into the industry and then gaining rapport as a regular customer. I enjoy making the recipient proud of their product or service and asking them be open to ways of improving it to overcome industry competitors. This way, I have become more human and have “earned my right” to scientifically approach a decision maker. I start with the Human Approach and end with the Scientific Approach. The problem with this process is that you can’t always buy what they are selling. For instance; approaching a commercial concrete company’s president might present to be more difficult than approaching a local restaurant owner.

Let’s be real though, the real goal is to gain rapport to sell our solution product or service. Right? If the ultimate long-term goal is rapport, we should fully understand what rapport is. It is defined as a harmonious and sympathetic relationship. Meaning that the sender and recipient can find themselves at one with a state of being or mindset. We cannot have rapport without being “one” with our recipient. Sharing same goals or morals makes us human. Placing someone in a state of anxiety while we stay cool, calm and collected seems a bit more like bullying, doesn’t it? So what is the alternative?

First we need to really understand what our intention is. I have to believe that if one is in


a fearful state, they cannot be harmonious decision makers. The fact is that 90% of decisions are done with emotion! As marketers and sales reps, we have to ask ourselves, “what is the first decision I am asking them to make?” What state of mind do I want them in while they are making that first decision? Do I want them to feel good about themselves or unsure about themselves? If the first decision is to decide whether or not to schedule 15 minutes with us, we’d better hope at the end of our approach we’ve made them feel good about themselves. I certainly wouldn’t invite someone over who gives me anxiety or makes me feel insecure about my decision making skills! Would you? The Human Factor holds up in the Scientific Factor as long as the approach brings the warmth and fuzzies we all crave.

Remember, The “science” part of the Scientific Approach is only this, do research and educate yourself about the person you are talking to before you approach them so you have the ability to balance the tables in conversation. The “human” factor in the Human Approach is to become “one” with them. Combining the two methodically and yet, gracefully is the “Art” of doing sales properly.

“studies show 90% of
decisions are based on emotion”

Know your Market and target with honesty, education and class. Human targeting brings human solutions. We are all in it for something. If we make sure our goal is real happiness instead of statistical happiness, we will all provide solid recipients of our solutions.


Corrie Vallance
Your Happy Solutions Advisor

Don’t Buy What They Are Selling You

I turn 43 in just 10 days, and I only have one goal left. Be Me.

I have lots of experience because well frankly, I have lots of talents. I’ve sold just about everything you can think of. Founded 4 different types of companies. Managed and Directed hundreds of staff from various work titles. Chased my dreams, ambitions and passions. And at this stage in life, I’m very ready to settle down, play my music and have fun weekends.

Exuberance is nothing without direction. I have found that the further you climb up social and executive ladders the less you find in the form of passion and honesty. It’s always the same thing; hard work equals happiness. When in fact, they are selling false hope.

You see, the integrity issue isn’t within the statement itself, it’s within the hidden agenda of the statement. I still believe that hard work will give you a happy feeling. That happy feeling is actually the satisfaction you feel from a days hard work, and that will always stand true. The problem in the statement is that “happiness” equals “whatever dream they have will come true”. And it’s just a bunch of hoo-ha.

When you think of happiness, what do you think about? Is it a new car? Lavish home in the hills? Financial Freedom? Or maybe it’s a day on the beach with no responsibilities, a night with friends around a campfire or a weekend camping. You see, everyone has a sense of what their “happy” equates to, unfortunately we aren’t all really chasing our true “happy”.

Learn what makes you happy and then chase after that. Don’t let the world decide what defines your happiness or you will find yourself at the end of a Marathon completely exhausted with no real grasp of why you’re alive or what your goals are for the next step. I did! And trust me, it’s the most paralyzing feeling you’ll ever find. Choose to equate the happiness with your hard work and somewhere in the end, you may find the happiness has been there all along. You were just choosing to take everyone else’ word for what happiness meant to you.

A Time of Reflection | Eclipse Signs Bringing Change

There is much to be said about the signs and wonders the universe shows us. There is also something to be compared when you take a good look at how the changes affect the physical state of our world as well as the emotional state of our existence. Recently we had the 3rd of 4 major eclipses we will experience within a small amount of time called the tetrad. It is a part of a rare sequence of four total lunar eclipses that started in 2014 and will complete at the end of 2015.


It says in much readings to take this time as a time for reflection to let things go and accept change in our existence, in our lives, jobs, and/or families and relationships. I have had much change and reflection from the second eclipse which happened on March 20th to now. There has been fallen friendships, lost jobs, and even a major change in my sprituality and beliefs. I am moving very quickly through a transition that I am not completely aware of yet and even though it is a precarious place I have found myself feeling quite tribulated by the thoughts of what will be my personal loss and my gains.

I took a day to rest. I did nothing but read, sleep and watch a few shows. I did not ponder on chores or responsibilities. I did not strife on things to do. I simply existed. It was quite nice really, allowing my mind to tend to it’s wanderings with no regard of where it may end up. An afternoon nap even brought on somewhat fantastical dreams as I put no restraint on the plain it might land me on. As I later browsed my facebook page I saw many posts of success, posts where I saw how much people have grown and changed and had reached a place of fruition they had been striving for. I pondered whether I would find closure to the things that have been massing around me with little to no change and hovering a deep loom of doubt over my head. Then…. I left this writing to be a draft. I did not hit publish and allowed time to shed some light on all the things I was waiting on. I wanted to see the change happen before I let the open arms of doubt and fear swallow me up. There is nothing that feels worse than going back in time to see when you were complaining only to be on the other side delighted that things worked out as well as they did.

I began this writing around the beginning of April, it is now the eve of May 20th. I have been in wait for several things in my life to show a glimmer of hope. I have been looking for a new career or “job”, dealing with financial issues that never seem to end and growing extremely aware of my distain in my choice of residence. There has been much clatter in the home of things on the horizon, or chances of greatness, but alas, nothing has been revealed. Until this last week. Though many opportunities we look at through our lives with hoping eyes, we find that they were merely a glimpse of what could have been. I have learned close hand not to place all of my eggs into one basket. And needless to say, I still find myself holding on to thoughts, dreams, and ideals that in the end never became mine. But today, and for the past week, it has been different.


Have you ever seen a home and had that gut feeling that it was yours? Have you ever taken a car for a test ride and knew whatever may happen, that you would be driving it off the lot? Maybe you meet someone and absolutely know that it will end up being your best friend for life. It’s a sort of sixth sense. A kind of instinctual feeling that is hard to describe. It can be over basic things or over more complex things… but when you know, you know. Maybe you have had this opportunity and maybe you haven’t. But for those who have had that type of feeling about something or someone, you know exactly what I am talking about. It’s like looking at a man or woman who you know is your future betroved before you even know their name. I have had several of these instances since the beginning of the year 2015. They have happened about my lifestyle, my friends, my relationship, my children, my jobs… it seems everything in the universe has been screaming at me to pay attention. To watch and learn. I have had that feeling that something was about to change me forever as a person. Something was about to come into my life and absolutely diminish everything I have been and recreate my entire existence. And although I felt it was one big thing, I am starting to realize…. it was a whole bunch of little things.

Once in a while something happens in our life that drastically changes the way we think, act or react. I have been tested in so many ways in my life time. But through the last few weeks I have been put under a life-changing microscope that was there asking me to determine exactly where I stood.  There was no studying for this test. Only questions and I had to give my answers as quickly as I could. I had to act, react or think using only my instincts, my past experiences, my faith and most of all, my character. Some of these tests I passed so exponentially that I was completely surprised by the outcome. Then, there were some that the way I reacted or performed caused me to question my own personal motives in life and reconsider who I was. I felt as though I were spinning in a washing machine with a every personal trait I had never quite perfected and didn’t like. I was being washed of my perfectionist issues, my pride, my anger, regret, fears, and worse yet, my own pitiful lost self. It was an amazing time of reflection. I was going through dirty laundry that I didn’t even know had not been taken care of! But, to move forward and to accept change, we must let go of the things that hold us back. We must be determined to allow ourselves to grow, change, and be altered by the wonderous things that God had in mind from the beginning. There is much reason to hold on to our experiences for the basic human reason of feeling accomplished. But, when we let go, and let God… some pretty amazing things happen. First and Foremost, Our Transition from Flesh to Spirit.

I know that there will be many more periods of time that offer change and transition. But for now; I am content simply reflecting the whirlwind I just went through. Well, honestly, what I am about to walk away from. I started a new job that holds much promise of the financial stability I have been longing for for years… I am looking forward to seeing what this new wave of change will bring my life, my family and my soul. I have been given the opportunity to move into a home that is literally next door to my studio. As I simply do not have the funds now, I wait on the Lord to open the door to allow me to get into it. There are still alot of “ifs”, but, I feel that I am on the right path for once in a long time. And that is something to hold on to for me. I have grown through several relationships these past few months too! I have gained and lost friendships and have experienced my own rath. I have been pruned again. My branches are tender and ready for growth. I now pray that the good Lord tends to my brokeness and allows me to continue grow and experience all this life has to offer.


The Long Wait on the Lord

I’m in trouble… I’ve been waiting on the Lord for something to change and that something is not changing at all and I’m afraid I have put more trust in this idea than in God’s hands, now awake in the middle of the night,  stressing horribly.  Sick with anxiety… not sure of what’s next for me, but unable to make any type of move at all.  Seemingly stuck with no path and starting to suffocate… I pray.

oh Father! Do you not hear my crys! Do they not howl on the winds of the desert? I’m alone and afraid. Where are you and what do you mean to show my heart thru this strife? Where are you taking me? I have been faithful and steadfast in looking at you for everything my soul needed and now as I am most thirsty you fail to answer me! Why do you leave me dry and abandoned? Cold and weary. Why don’t you move the mountains I seek to traverse. Why have I lost my way?  I beseech that a guiding light be laid at the feet of the faithful and for me your true servant and yet you have left only moon rays to find my way.  A dim night in which my turmoils lurk in the dark and shadows linger to devour my wavering soul. Have you tossed me from the flock for the wolves?  Have you found no more need for the wretched in your works? Do I have so less of little to offer the building of the bride while she waits for the bridegroom? My lantern oil is full and I sit patiently for the groom. Be still my heart as it leaps from my chest with each new rustle in the shadows. I believe my Lord is coming for me and yet I have waited so long. Was I not prepared? Was I not longingly waiting for my bride groom. Did I fall to sleep as I waited? Has he skipped over me in my unpreparedness? Did I fail you my Lord? Why have you let me lie here in wait? Where are you? When will the new morning break and the earth bring forth your will that you put in place back when I was not yet even a seed in my mother’s womb? When will your kingdom come to past? Why must I be so tired and lonesome in the dark. Have I not done of your will so that you have cast me from the iron as a thistle in your foot? I cry out for your hands of mercy to heal me. I am weak and I need your love to free me! Be my strength oh Lord, my God. You are my only hope and your promise has never failed me! It’s my desire to follow you forever.  Does a child refused by its mother stop trying to find love? I beg of you to give me the promise you have desired for me. Even if the plan you had laid out for me was death, I pray it will come quickly while I sit waiting on milk and honey. I only have so much mortal patience within me.  Open my eyes so I might see the works of the Almighty happening in front of me without straining. I am a bitter old woman who has lost their sight and wains on you to restore her hope.  Give me the promise of the chosen. Set forth your angels and clear my path as I am too old and weary for any more of this war.