Coasting in Lag Time

I recently posted my frustrations of the waiting game, and decided I was tired of it… so gear up! Its time to move on! The lag time has given me time to think and offer some new thought to my otherwise dead inspirations. As an artist, I go through times of desperado trying to find new ideas, inspiration, or even lyrical madness; pushing for some kind of creative euphoria. The times have been bleak for such emotion when searching for excitement. But changing my perspective may have been the one thing I was missing out on.

Recently I have decided to move in a different direction. Letting things come to me rather than chasing them down… and although they have been slow times, I’ve have had quite a few wonderful new experiences. It has shown me exactly where I stand in the industry we so fondly refer to as the “Indie” Industry… Building a Reputation isn’t as hard as people daunt it to be.

The rumors have spread and I find myself sought after by a small but eclectic crowd… which feels nice. Realizing that folks are “missing” your performances and your talent makes you wonder why they think you have gone away in the first place. You think to yourself, “Where did I go?” and then you realize… you had given up hope. The New Economy has put me in such a state of mind that I have learned too, as well as most of the folks around me, there is no major hope for ever becoming financially stable. But in this thought, this cannot mean that we stop our endeavors though, does it?

So, with a new “realistic” sense, I am driving forward into the unknown of my own destiny and search everyday for guidance from above and from within to simply seek what I can control and enjoy all at the same time. I guess its not for me to say whether or not I will be financially successful… as long as I have enjoyed my journey I will reap a benefit.


Who hit the Pause Button Again!

So, its been a good week of spreading the word on several different levels. The hopes to find a new project, open a new window or spark new idea has somehow been squashed by the constant loss of peoples interest. It seems though the whole world has hit the pause button on life.

There are many reasons why folks take their time in making decisions. Sometimes it’s to take and meditate on the change, other times it’s resource availability and then there is budget. Is it just me or am I not the only one who is terribly struggling financially! There are still dreamers in the world…. Though they are so stifled by the works of our created everyday lives that they find themselves unable to find a penny to put towards their ulterior motives! This economy has become so ridiculous!

Through time I have noticed that it seems people have accepted this notion so much that they are even okay with the basic fact that they can talk of future plans and make goals to reach them, but in the end they are perfectly okay with letting them go knowing they weren’t able to reach their highest potentials due to financial stability. And that even of the thought of creating an idea knowing damn well it will fail due to no financial support doesn’t bother them in the least bit.

I don’t understand the mentality of this conversion from the very beginning. I realize it is one thing to talk of an idea, but to make grandiose plans, schedule appointments, slave at rehearsals and even push the go button only to completely drop out only shows an individuals integrity to the core. I never believed in starting something you weren’t willing to finish.

So, for future reference… don’t bring the cards to the table unless you plan on shuffling them, dealing them and sticking around to see who wins. If you can’t play the whole game… then what’s the point of sitting down at all? You are the only one who can know your ability, see your potential and go for it! No one can make your dreams happen but you… Others can only support you in the journey, and usually this does not include financial support.

All Work and No Play Builds Character!

Well they say there is no rest for the wicked… so, does that make me wicked?

As everyone left the daytime job on Wednesday last week to make or break for a holiday 4 day weekend… I headed off to go to work at my second job… building a Home Business.

The work weekend started on Thursday, July 4th, Independence Day. I spent most of the morning working on Clients works in the studio. I concluded the Holiday with a nice jog through Downtown Auburn handing out Otter Pops at the Auburn Parade. It was a nice sweat as it was 106 Degrees! But completely worth my time. I had such a great time seeing all the locals watching the parade and enjoying the fun. The parade lead down from the Center of the Arts to the Fairgrounds towards Ole’ Town Auburn. I haven’t taken that stroll at such a quick pace ever! Now I want to go walk it just for fun. Auburn really is a beautiful town.

Friday it was business as usual. Spreading good Marketing Cheer for all my clients. Looking into the best ways, cheapest ways and most efficient ways to share their business around town. We finished off a commercial which we placed on YouTube. Pretty cool collaboration of other videos all mixed into one quick short one in order to create a “new” piece of media. They loved it, so I guess I did well. You can see it here…

Friday afternoon, as I am a genius, I decided it was time for a Hike near the Yuba River. As I work every day no matter what, I figured I was due some time of pleasure in the Canyon hills of Beautiful Northern California. I met up with some friends at the beginning of Independence Trail that heads gradually down the mountain to Yuba River. An hour later we reached the bottom. What a gorgeous area we found too! With big white boulders, a gently running river and warm water you could have swam in all day! It was simply heaven. The way back to the truck was a different story. We all decided to take the “shorter” path up the hill, which happened to be STRAIGHT up the hill… I teetered and tottered my way up… but eventually scaled the cliffs. As I am recovering from a 60 foot fall I took several years ago, I suffer from some post traumatic fears. I took it slow and my friends were so wonderful to keep up with my slow momma pace. They were supportive and encouraging on a few spots I didn’t think I was going to be able to conquer. But in the end, I found myself very proud of ME! I made it through my first hike in over 2 years and it was exhilarating! The only part I wasn’t aware of is how I was going to feel the next day. 

Saturday was the day of the wedding! I woke up sleeping so soundly that I scared out of bed reaching for my phone to check the time in a panic… huh, guess that hike took quite a bit out of me. Once I gained my consciousness and stumbled out of my slumber, I found it was only 630am. Well, what better time to start the day eh? So, I got to work on some other Client Social Media Sharings, ya know, the stuff you do in the morning on your computer that you don’t have to think real hard at… and then it was off to the studio.

We packed and loaded gear to dress the stage with as much sound and lighting we possibly could. Pushing ourselves in another 3 digit day, we were able to swing each event for the Wedding perfectly. We MC’d, we danced, laughed, drank and then it was time to perform. Oh boy… we had been at the wedding since 1130am and it was now 8pm. It was time to Rock out. Remember how I said I didn’t know what was about to happen the day after the hike? Well I was barely moving, sore from head to toe! Working with gear all day and now it’s time to Rock out? Oh boy… it was a challenge. The show turned out phenominal though! The crowd loved the sound and even though there were few of them, we had heart filled dancers and fans join us till the end.

By the time we ended the show, packed the gear back up and headed off to the studio to unload and go home it was 1am… I had little less energy for ability to close my eyes and fall on a pillow.

But heh! Building your own business completely tests you many ways… It tests your ability of time management, stamina, ability to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, ability to stand your ground and your ability to know when to simply rest. I think I am pushing harder now on this project than I ever have pushed on anything before… but to me it is totally worth it. And to have this revelation on Independence Day while I build myself and my life to be Financially Independent! Happy Summer Holiday Everyone! Take care and continue fighting for your dreams everyday!


Indepence Day 2013

Its been over two years since my divorce. I am happy, settled with a lover, have my two kids growing rapidly from the nest, started my business, On the Bus Productions and still find myself wanting more. Recently, my band has gone through major changes… We built Corrie Vallance & the DramaNots by accident. The bands members were all friends and just wanted to play music… In the middle, somehow, I got caught. Working at sharing my Original Music, We were booked, asked to play, and media-ized across the county. We have few followers, but they are devoted and we love them. The members all come from different pasts, playing music for different reasons…

I recently found myself confused as to why I was trying. The hope for some is to make money or not to play out at all… as they have lived the “scene” and are not willing to try and push any further. Whereas some are starting a whole new beginning and want to play for exposure and the fun of the stage! Where some, have played for both reasons, still have the drive, but not sure why… yes, that is me.

I am beginning a new works with my gathered original collection. I have written 46 songs now and have done nothing to speak of with any of them. I find myself wondering, “Will they be remembered?” the next question that comes to mind is “Why do I care?” With such confusion of a “girls mind” I simply was not sure where to start. So, I thought, why not start at the beginning? I have a great partner in life who is helping me decipher the different genre’s I have written. We plan to group them together and then produce them one by one. The release won’t happen for at least a year… but I think the journey exploring my past written lyrics and newer happenings might be a soul seeking one. I look forward to what comes out of it in the end. So, as it is Independence Day 2013… I too, start another New Beginning looking from my Past.


I have been looking for a way to journal the past few years of my life… I am finally deciding to blog it. I find myself talking to so many people who deal with the same struggles of a starving musician and a new business owner… so, I thought we would put it all in perspective.

You may find sorrows, triumphs, moments of glee or maybe even devils advocacy here… but the most important thing you will find is honesty.

I will probably take the time to share your experiences too! So, Fellow Musicians, Artists, Business Owners and More! Come along for the journey as we begin to explore the life of a woman, mother, girlfriend, rocker, singer/songwriter and though I hate to admit it… Girl living in the heart of the Indie Industry and Starting a Business of the New World Economy! This is my experience.