Black Friday | Business Greed

The Portrait of America

Sitting in my car on my way to work this morning I listened as the DJ’s discussed the intensity of anger that some of the employees who have to work on Thanksgiving. They are working because store’s have decided to not only open for Black Friday at Midnight… they now will be open with steals and deals on Thanksgiving causing folks to miss out on the turkey holiday family feast we like to call an American tradition. The discussion became so heated as they pointed out their views on the topic, they argued on whether or not the act of Shopping on Thanksgiving and Black Friday has become “America’s Tradition”. I was disgusted!

What in the world! The only day where we celebrate humanity, family and the things in this world that aren’t about money has been transformed into a National Day of moronic shopping sprees and the last chance to afford some item of stature to give to someone so you can show them you care!! Ridiculous! Thanksgiving is supposed to the day we celebrate what we are thankful for… not celebrate our greed by running down isles, knocking people over and trampling souls for the last “Giggle Me Elmo” on the shelf.

Come On America! Wake up! We complain about corporate identities taking from the ‘mom and pops’; we cringe at the soul-less politicians pumping up the media with lies and scrutiny… yet all the while beg from the hand that strikes us. Make up your minds! America’s people cry that they are broke and can’t afford the constant rising of costs to live in this country… yet they spend their monies on needless things. Instead of buying a new TV, go grocery shopping. Instead of Decorating a Tree with a ton of crap, pay the power bill. Help the economy out by supporting yourselves and your families where it really counts.

Just because Christmas is coming doesn’t mean it is time to spend your hard earned cash on a bunch of things just to remind your family members and friends that you love them. Remind them by spending time with them. Treating them fairly. Showing by example how to save a buck or two. Teach your kids who are tomorrow’s future how to support a household. Caring for them so they know what it is really like to care for someone else. Show them what the Holidays should really be about in America. Family, Gratefulness, Peace, Hope, Dreams and Faith that the world around us can be beautiful place.



Indepence Day 2013

Its been over two years since my divorce. I am happy, settled with a lover, have my two kids growing rapidly from the nest, started my business, On the Bus Productions and still find myself wanting more. Recently, my band has gone through major changes… We built Corrie Vallance & the DramaNots by accident. The bands members were all friends and just wanted to play music… In the middle, somehow, I got caught. Working at sharing my Original Music, We were booked, asked to play, and media-ized across the county. We have few followers, but they are devoted and we love them. The members all come from different pasts, playing music for different reasons…

I recently found myself confused as to why I was trying. The hope for some is to make money or not to play out at all… as they have lived the “scene” and are not willing to try and push any further. Whereas some are starting a whole new beginning and want to play for exposure and the fun of the stage! Where some, have played for both reasons, still have the drive, but not sure why… yes, that is me.

I am beginning a new works with my gathered original collection. I have written 46 songs now and have done nothing to speak of with any of them. I find myself wondering, “Will they be remembered?” the next question that comes to mind is “Why do I care?” With such confusion of a “girls mind” I simply was not sure where to start. So, I thought, why not start at the beginning? I have a great partner in life who is helping me decipher the different genre’s I have written. We plan to group them together and then produce them one by one. The release won’t happen for at least a year… but I think the journey exploring my past written lyrics and newer happenings might be a soul seeking one. I look forward to what comes out of it in the end. So, as it is Independence Day 2013… I too, start another New Beginning looking from my Past.


I have been looking for a way to journal the past few years of my life… I am finally deciding to blog it. I find myself talking to so many people who deal with the same struggles of a starving musician and a new business owner… so, I thought we would put it all in perspective.

You may find sorrows, triumphs, moments of glee or maybe even devils advocacy here… but the most important thing you will find is honesty.

I will probably take the time to share your experiences too! So, Fellow Musicians, Artists, Business Owners and More! Come along for the journey as we begin to explore the life of a woman, mother, girlfriend, rocker, singer/songwriter and though I hate to admit it… Girl living in the heart of the Indie Industry and Starting a Business of the New World Economy! This is my experience.