All Work and No Play Builds Character!

Well they say there is no rest for the wicked… so, does that make me wicked?

As everyone left the daytime job on Wednesday last week to make or break for a holiday 4 day weekend… I headed off to go to work at my second job… building a Home Business.

The work weekend started on Thursday, July 4th, Independence Day. I spent most of the morning working on Clients works in the studio. I concluded the Holiday with a nice jog through Downtown Auburn handing out Otter Pops at the Auburn Parade. It was a nice sweat as it was 106 Degrees! But completely worth my time. I had such a great time seeing all the locals watching the parade and enjoying the fun. The parade lead down from the Center of the Arts to the Fairgrounds towards Ole’ Town Auburn. I haven’t taken that stroll at such a quick pace ever! Now I want to go walk it just for fun. Auburn really is a beautiful town.

Friday it was business as usual. Spreading good Marketing Cheer for all my clients. Looking into the best ways, cheapest ways and most efficient ways to share their business around town. We finished off a commercial which we placed on YouTube. Pretty cool collaboration of other videos all mixed into one quick short one in order to create a “new” piece of media. They loved it, so I guess I did well. You can see it here…

Friday afternoon, as I am a genius, I decided it was time for a Hike near the Yuba River. As I work every day no matter what, I figured I was due some time of pleasure in the Canyon hills of Beautiful Northern California. I met up with some friends at the beginning of Independence Trail that heads gradually down the mountain to Yuba River. An hour later we reached the bottom. What a gorgeous area we found too! With big white boulders, a gently running river and warm water you could have swam in all day! It was simply heaven. The way back to the truck was a different story. We all decided to take the “shorter” path up the hill, which happened to be STRAIGHT up the hill… I teetered and tottered my way up… but eventually scaled the cliffs. As I am recovering from a 60 foot fall I took several years ago, I suffer from some post traumatic fears. I took it slow and my friends were so wonderful to keep up with my slow momma pace. They were supportive and encouraging on a few spots I didn’t think I was going to be able to conquer. But in the end, I found myself very proud of ME! I made it through my first hike in over 2 years and it was exhilarating! The only part I wasn’t aware of is how I was going to feel the next day. 

Saturday was the day of the wedding! I woke up sleeping so soundly that I scared out of bed reaching for my phone to check the time in a panic… huh, guess that hike took quite a bit out of me. Once I gained my consciousness and stumbled out of my slumber, I found it was only 630am. Well, what better time to start the day eh? So, I got to work on some other Client Social Media Sharings, ya know, the stuff you do in the morning on your computer that you don’t have to think real hard at… and then it was off to the studio.

We packed and loaded gear to dress the stage with as much sound and lighting we possibly could. Pushing ourselves in another 3 digit day, we were able to swing each event for the Wedding perfectly. We MC’d, we danced, laughed, drank and then it was time to perform. Oh boy… we had been at the wedding since 1130am and it was now 8pm. It was time to Rock out. Remember how I said I didn’t know what was about to happen the day after the hike? Well I was barely moving, sore from head to toe! Working with gear all day and now it’s time to Rock out? Oh boy… it was a challenge. The show turned out phenominal though! The crowd loved the sound and even though there were few of them, we had heart filled dancers and fans join us till the end.

By the time we ended the show, packed the gear back up and headed off to the studio to unload and go home it was 1am… I had little less energy for ability to close my eyes and fall on a pillow.

But heh! Building your own business completely tests you many ways… It tests your ability of time management, stamina, ability to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, ability to stand your ground and your ability to know when to simply rest. I think I am pushing harder now on this project than I ever have pushed on anything before… but to me it is totally worth it. And to have this revelation on Independence Day while I build myself and my life to be Financially Independent! Happy Summer Holiday Everyone! Take care and continue fighting for your dreams everyday!



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